Can Google compete with Apple after launching the pixel watch?

It is quite difficult to argue the common sentiment that Apple Watch is the top dog in the wearable category. Google recently launched a new pixel watch six months after its acquisition of Fitbit. So, how the pixel watch will stack up against the familiar Apple Watch series 8? We are comparing both of them, and below is everything you need to know about them.

The apple watch is the best-selling smartwatch. It is the first choice of every apple user in the watch segment. Apple has launched many variants of the apple watch including the watch SE, apple watch pro, and the regular apple watch series 7 and series 8. For an iPhone user, the apple watch is the most productive watch to be used with an iPhone.

The pixel watch is long-rumored. After a few delays, Google finally launched it at the pixel 7 and 7 Pro Launch event. This watch is available in a 41mm variant with a price tag of 349$. This pixel watch will be the go-to watch for every android user, despite the wide range of smartwatches for Android. We know that the Pixel is the direct competitor of the iPhone, and now Google is jumping into the smartwatch game too.

Design and Aesthetics of the Google Pixel watch and Apple Watch

In the design department, apple and google have taken different routes. The Apple watch has a signature rectangular design while the pixel watch has a round design which is a neat and sleek look. The size of the pixel watch is also smaller than the apple watch. It is available in 41mm option only while the apple watch is available in 44mm too. The pixel watch looks more like a traditional watch on your wrist, and the watch faces complement its simple look. The bands on the pixel watch are also more robust than the apple watch. Both the Google Pixel watch and Apple watch have a crown for scrolling and navigating through the UI.

Fitness and Activity tracking 

The apple watch is almost perfect for activity tracking, workouts, and sleep tracking. On top of these features, apple has baked various functionalities in the watchOS to make it as productive as possible. Things like ECG, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Noise detection, and Fall Detection make a unique user experience for the apple watch. 

The pixel watch, on the other hand, is the first generation watch from google, having a long journey ahead to reach perfection. The pixel watch is the best smartwatch for Android users due to its wear OS integration. It also tracks activity and it can be paired with the Fitbit android app. It has a nice collection of watch faces but is not as versatile as the apple watch. 

Battery Life comparison of apple watch and pixel watch

The apple watch has a different battery for different variants, the apple watch pro has the crown for the best battery life in any Apple smartwatch. The pixel watch, on the other hand, has a smaller battery, and even if we compare it with the apple watch SE, it is still far behind and you might need to charge it before the end of the day. 

The verdict 

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for the iPhone and the pixel watch is the best smartwatch for pixel users. With this initial launch of the pixel watch, google may not beat the apple watch but it has given android users a better option than other watches. As for the apple users, the apple watch will get better with every iteration. So until they are using iPhone, they will continue using the apple watch as their smartwatch.

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