Apple Watch Ultra Review : The Exciting Pro Apple SmartWatch

Apple has dominated the smartwatch market with the launch of the new Apple Watch Ultra. Apple fans are excited about the new Apple Watch pro. It is the first Apple Watch with a battery life of more than one day. It is also the only Apple smartwatch with a sapphire crystal display. We’re mentioning everything that you need to know about this Apple Watch.


  • Significantly improved battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Super bright display
  • Extra action button
  • Sapphire Crystal display
  • Improved water-resistance


  • Beefy and large size
  • Expensive

Design of the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch is recognized anywhere due to its signature rectangular shape with round edges. The Apple Watch Ultra is redesigned by maintaining that same formula. It has a premium build quality that you can expect from an ultra Apple Watch. The ultra is using titanium chassis instead of stainless steel. It improves the durability and reduces the weight of the Apple Watch Ultra.

This watch only comes in one size, which is 49mm. It makes the Apple Watch Ultra look huge in front of a regular smartwatch. Apple has changed the button position and added a custom action button that is big enough to be used with gloves. The screen is flat and protected by sapphire crystal. The crown is big enough to stand out in the whole watch and the Apple painted it to give an accent to the apple watch ultra.

No Apple Watch design is complete without bands. Apple has introduced exclusive straps for the Apple Watch Ultra. The ocean band, ultra-marathon, and alpine loop bands are only available for it. You can also see holes for the improved speakers and microphones on the side of the Apple Watch Ultra.
Apple Watch Ultra LTPO Display

The screen of the Apple Watch Ultra

The new pro watch from Apple is rocking an AMOLED display. It is a bright and sharp display that is easily viewable outdoors. The screen size is big enough for reading text and navigating through maps. It has a peak brightness of up to 2000 nits, which brings it on power with the iPhone 14 Pro Max display. Apple Watch Ultra has the brightest display of any Apple Watch.

Since the display is AMOLED, apple cleverly designed the front bezel to make the screen seamless, but you can still see it from a slight angle. The bezel is also slimmer than other Apple watches thanks to the flat display of the Apple Watch Ultra. The watch faces are designed keeping this display in mind, and they display more detailed information than a regular Apple smartwatch.

Apple Watch Ultra action button is amazing

You cannot ignore that big orange button on the left side of the watch. This action button on the Apple Watch Ultra is by far its most useful design change from the regular Apple Watch. You can customize it in the settings and map it to any action like adding a waypoint or turning on the flashlight. Or if you don’t like the workout countdown, you can skip “3,2,1” by pressing this button.

You can also use it with a combination of side buttons to perform different actions. It can become handy particularly when you are unable to use the touch screen due to gloves on your hands.

Side Button Apple Watch Ultra

Fitness tracking Apple Watch Series 8 VS Ultra

Apple smartwatches are excellent in fitness tracking, and the Apple Watch Ultra is no exception. If we combine it with the fact that the ultra Apple Watch is developed for athletes, we get the best fitness watch from apple. Activity tracking is accurate and helpful in achieving your fitness goals. It also helps you keep on track with detailed analytics and reminders.

Ultra is one of the most accurate smartwatches for heart rate tracking. Its accuracy is top of the line when you do away from water exercises. But many factors affect the accuracy, like how well it sits on your wrist and how you move your arm during a cardio-intensive workout. A long-term activity tracking feature is also coming later to the apple watch ultra.

The Apple Watch Series 8 uses the same sensors for workout tracking that you find on the ultra, so you will not need to pay the premium if you are just around for fitness and activity tracking. Backtracking is another feature coming later via software updates on the Apple Watch Ultra. It uses enhanced GPS to track your steps back to the starting point of your workout.

Apple Watch Ultra crash detection and ECG

Like iPhone 14 Pro the ultra is equipped with a crash detection feature. It also brings ECG, fall detection, and low heart rate notifications straight from the Apple Watch Series 8. Besides these health features, it also contains a temperature sensor that is capable of giving high fever alerts and ovulation period in women.

Apple has expanded the ECG to several countries but it’s not available in many European and Asian countries like China and Pakistan. There is also no way to bypass this restriction in the settings. According to Apple, it is working with regulatory authorities to enable these features in all regions.

Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch Ultra

WatchOS 9 in the Ultra Apple Smartwatch

One of the best reasons that make apple smartwatches unique and interesting is watchOS. Apple optimizes it for every watch with excellent software and security updates. Each update brings new life to the older apple watches. That’s why Apple devices have a longer lifespan than other products.

Not only software updates but the set of watch faces for the Apple Watch Ultra is also great. You will find a variety of watch faces with tons of customizations that aren’t available outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Battery Life in the Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra has the largest battery of all Apple smartwatches. It is the first Apple Watch with an advertised battery life of up to 36Hrs on a single charge. During our test, we get around 32Hrs with moderate usage. That is good, but when a smartwatch has a price tag of 800$ we can expect something better.

The Apple Watch Ultra crushes the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE in the battery life department. A power saver mode is pending in later software updates which can further improve the battery timing. However, it would have been nice if Apple could fit a larger battery in this beefy smartwatch.

Who should buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

Apple Watch is the hottest smartwatch on the planet. You can find it on everyone’s wrist. But, some people might not find it suitable due to the nature of their profession. Apple is aiming at them with the Apple Watch Ultra. That doesn’t mean that an average person cannot use the Apple Watch.

The Verdict

Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch. If you can afford it, you should buy it. It has many advantages over the regular Apple Watch, including a bigger battery, a larger display, and the protection of sapphire crystal. If you don’t mind the beefy look of the Apple Watch on your wrist and you are an iPhone user, then ultra is the best Apple smartwatch for you.

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