3 Cool iPhone Tips that will boost your productivity

Almost 50% of Americans use iPhone as their daily smartphone. Apple has nicely built its ecosystem. We have the best iPhone tips to make it better. Still, many argue about the missing features offered by most Android smartphones. You can double-tap the power to lunch the camera app on any Android phone.

Motorola offers gestures in its smartphone to turn on the flashlight and open the camera app. Apple has not baked these kinds of gestures into the iPhone. But, we’re going to share three iPhone tips you will love using on your iPhone but don’t know about these.

We have three super cool hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max that will make you more productive. iOS have these features, but most people don’t know how to use them.

Two-finger drag selection gesture in the iPhone 14 pro max

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two finger gesture – iPhone tips

Selection and deletion is the common task you perform daily on your smartphone. In iOS, you can hold and then tap edit to select the items. There is a simple way of doing that with a gesture. To activate this selection gesture for iPhone, you can drag with your two fingers downward on any list and select the items.

It is a clever way to select the items in reminders, call logs, recordings, and messaging apps. If you have a long list of messages to delete, you can do it without selecting them one by one. You can also unselect by dragging the fingers upward.

2nd in iPhone tips is Notes Text Scanner

Notes app on the iPhone is one the best note-taking app. If you ever noticed, there is a built-in text scanner in the notes app. You can scan the text using the camera button on your keyboard. It will write the scanned text automatically on your note.

It is a helpful feature if you are writing from a notebook or a whiteboard. The scan process accurately translates the content in front of you into text in real time. It brings ease to the life of students. It not only converts handwriting into text but also formats it.

how to use text scanner in notes

How to enable Back Tap in the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

This last iPhone tip will become a favorite for many iPhone users. If you have switched from an Android to an iPhone, you are going to love it. It is called Back Tap. To activate the back tap, head to accessibility in settings and then enable it under the touch setting.

By using the back tap, you essentially add an extra function button to your iPhone, just like the Apple Watch Ultra. Once enabled, you can tap the back of your iPhone near the camera. You can configure it for double tap and triple tap. It is one of the best iPhone tips.

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How to enable back tap in iPhone

If you want to bring the missing feature from the Android world to the iOS, then map the double tap to the flashlight and triple tap to the camera app. Now you can double-tap the back of your phone to turn on the flashlight, and a triple-tap will open the camera app.

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